Day 3, Wednesday

The first day was all air travel. I arrived in Denver at 7pm and the next plane to Costa Rica was at 11:50 pm. So we all just got to know each other. There are 11 of us on the trip all from different places in the United States. We got to San Jose, Costa Rica at about 5 am on Monday morning. We drove to Alajuela and waited for our rooms to be ready and just crashed. We played a few name games that day to get to know each other and then we went out to lunch. After lunch we went to exchange American dollars for colones. Our money has the same value as theirs but for 1000 colones it is 2 dollars. So the amounts are just different and the conversions are confusing. We also walked around the town and got to know it and experience some Costa Rican culture. That was probably the longest day of my life.

On Tuesday we drove up to Copey de Dota, our homestay village, which is about 2 and a half hours away from Alajuela. We stopped in the town next to it which is the end of the paved roads, and then we met our guide and drive all the way to Copey de Dota which is about 15 minutes from the town. We are way up in the mountains and it is so beautiful. It rains here everyday in the afternoon. We started on our project yesterday. We are working at a school and we have to move dirt rocks and grass and lay down cement for a play ground. It is very hard to do in this hot humid weather, but it is very fun.

Today we continued working on the project. Last night we got assigned to our host families. My family is two girls, on 14 and one 18, and a Madre y Padre. They are all very nice to me.  We all had to report back to the school again this morning at 8 to get back to work. Tonight we might play futbol.

I would like to know more about the culture and the people of Costa Rica, which means I NEED to know more Spanish. In Costa Rica I have noticed that they eat a lot more. The meals are all much larger and they mostly eat beans, rice and fried bananas. Also the people seem to be more lively and happy with the little that they have. Something that I noticed that I really like is that they are obsessed with local, organic food. They buy all their food from local places or grow it themselves. They are similar to us in that they like the same things. My host sister is in to all the same music and tv that I like. As far as what to remember, I want to remember everything and everyone.