Wow! I have only spent two days in Senegal, but it feels like a whole week has gone by! We have done everything from going to the beach, eating fried fish, sailing on the piroug (boats) to another beach, eating delicious chicken kebabs (yumm) (= to exploring Goree Island and last but not least numerous word games 🙂

But I have to say that my most memorable experience so far was going to the beach in Goree Island! The children we met there were precious (= when I was going in to the beach, what seemed like a hundred or so kids eagerly came up to us to say hi! They were extremely friendly and playful. They would splash you, tug you down, and ask you questions. I must admit,  it was difficult to talk to them, because they were talking in French! But it was really nice having the chance to practice my French and learn more from them. I did not want to leave that beach at all! But I had to when the ferry came to take us back to Dakar )=

Seeing how much can happen in Senegal in two days, I cannot wait for the weeks to come!

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