Well words cant describe the  few days we spent in Dakar, Goree Island, Mbour and a 9 hour car ride to another town. We have done everything from eating Senegalese hamburger (a burger with fries and eggs in it), more yassa poulet (chicken) or yassa bouef (beef), and petits poids et bœuf. But I have to say that the food  here is amazing; very different from what I’m used to. OH! I don’t know what it is in Senegal but they have amazing drinks here! Their Coca Cola is great, because they make theirs from pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn sugar, and they have this drink made from the sap of this gigantic and beautiful tree, the baobab. It’s sweet and creamy, like yogurt, but nothing you have ever tasted before!

Courtesy of Walking Tree Travel Blog

However, with our nice and relaxing days in Senegal coming to an end. We are going to the small village Dindéfelo to do what we came to Senegal for! We are getting ready to do meaningful community service, meet new people and develop a relationship with them, as well as experience their culture (= I can already say that our time in the village will be most memorable and difficult to leave )= Today the girls in our group are wearing traditional Senegalese dresses, so we will come in the village as what our leader James calls a rainbow. I must say we all look very pretty in our dresses!

Well I cannot wait for the amazing adventure in the village to come!