Courtesy of Walking Tree Travel Blog

I still remember the first day we arrived in the village, after a very long ride from the Pierre Eglise. We arrived in a rainbow with our array of colorful dresses. We met our family; our parents, brothers, sisters, or cousins helped us with our luggage and took us to our new home for the next two weeks! It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

My host-family consists of one dad, two moms, four brothers and two sisters! Quite the big family I have!  There’s never a moment where I don’t have one of my siblings with me! I have this adorable two year baby brother who eats and drinks so much for a baby! He has big cute cheeks that our leader Christine says (can conquer the world!).

Other than that, the living situation in the village is definitely something different. My room is a small hut, consisting of a bed, moustique net, and a desk. Funny thing is, my hut is isolated with crops growing around it and on the opposite side is my family compound!

Well there’s no toilet or shower here; but the bucket showers are absolutely refreshing! The food I have eaten at the village is simple and healthy! A lot of it is cous cous, rice, millet and peanut sauce. The people in the village are very resourceful, since we just eat our food out of a big pot, no need for plates or washing them! Mostly everyone is my family has been eating with their hands, but I still need to try that! Haha, since I haven’t stirred up the courage to let go of my spoon 🙁

Courtesy of Walking Tree Travel Blog

We are not only here in the village to immerse ourselves in the language and discover a new culture. We are also here to make a difference in the community, our service project on this trip is…(drum roll please) building a library and painting huts for the public hotels!!! It’s probably the biggest service project I’ve undertaken. But let me just say that the work isn’t easy, hauling bricks and digging up dirt in the sun is not the most fun thing in the world, but it’s rewarding to know that your work is towards building a library for the kids.