With our days in Dindefelo coming to an end, there are many things still to be done and a lot of memories to look back on! I have to say that the best memories I have of the village involve spending time with my family and Walking Tree group!

My family is simply the kindest group of people I’ve met. They always think of people before themselves. When we eat together as a family, they always give the guest the most food! In many cases, I always say mi harti which means “Iā€™m full” in pulaar! Oh, speaking of food, last night during dinner I finally decided to conquer my fear so I put my spoon down..and I ate cous cous with my hands! I have to admit it wasn’t so easy. My little brother Boobah and Alfa are the cutest kids: every time I talk to Alfa and I tell him about my life in our spare time, he always responds with oui and a smiles; and Boobah finally learned how to say my Senegalese name, Addama Sow! Oh and I just learned that my sister got married in the mountains a few days ago! Quite the exciting news in the Dindefelo village!

Photo Courtesy of Walking Tree Travel Blog

I’ve made a bunch of great memories with the Walking Tree crew as well! Yesterday, we had such an exciting and bumpy voyage to the waterfall in the village Sengou! Since the waterfall is a really far hike from the campange we were at, we rode in a trusty big car that surprisingly got us through trees, rocks, water creeks! I must say that I was hanging on for my life in that car! Then when we got dropped off, I thought that we were at the waterfall, but to my surprise we had a long but beautiful hike up there, going through rivers, hills and slippery rocks! Shockingly, the trek up there was more beautiful than the waterfall (= Another shocker was that we had such a rainy day in the blazing village of Dindefelo! So that morning, most of us slept in and had that day to ourselves! It was really nice (=

Tomorrow, we have a pre-dawn hike at 5:30 am to the mountains. It’s going to be fun!