Wandering Scholar Jonathan Moore will be traveling to Peru, which borders Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, and Pacific Ocean. Through his research, Jonathan has found that the primary languages spoken in Peru are Spanish and Quechua. Jonathan identified one slang word called “tonazo” which means big party in Spanish.

Traditional meals for Peruvians are sopa de te or tamales for breakfast, papa rellena for lunch, and for dinner ceviche or sopa. Want to learn how to make ceviche at home? Here are a few tips:

Jonathan was most surprised by Peru’s socially progressive and modern culture. “I’m excited to read more about the social causes important to people here.” Jonathan is unsure of how he will adjust to life in Peru, as it seems “more mellow and less fast paced” than the U.S. While there are many types of Peruvian lifestyles, here is a video on the life of a farming family in Peru: