Jonathan's Trip

In less than two weeks, I’ll be landing in the South American nation of Peru, set to begin an amazing, four week long journey full of adventure, self-discovery, service and excitement. The sheer magnitude of my expectations, in fact, make it difficult to speculate the best way to capture this momentous trip in my documentation project.

As of now, I am interested in assembling an avant garde photo essay centered around the idea of happiness as a universal medium through which all people can relate, no matter who they are or where they’re from. Dreams will also play a large part in the artistic approach to the documentation project, which will include  poetry and excerpts of  conversations between my subjects and I.

As I think deeply about how I want to capture the awe and appreciation for nature and humanity I will experience while in Peru that I wish to express to others, I’m getting excited about the photos I will take. This will be my first experience with concept photography!

The colors, the sounds, the textures, the gazes, the amazement of Peru… all things I hope my documentation project will capture, not only with my photos, but my poetry as well. I’m experienced, but writing for publication is a bit different, and although I’ve done it before, it takes more time, and more editing. I’m ready for the challenge though!

Besides brainstorming on my photo essay, I’m also experiencing the pre-departure jitters! While I await my flight from Detroit to Miami to Lima, part of me feels that time has never moved so slow. By the time that day comes though, chances are I’ll be sad about leaving my family and friends for nearly a month.

As the days get longer, my journey to Peru gets closer, and my curiosity grows more and more!