Marina's Trip

The day is finally here. Today I will be traveling to the beautiful country of Costa Rica for ten days. There are so many emotions going on so I thought I will share them here on my blog. 

I keep thinking about my potential host family. I wonder if its a large or small family. I wonder if they have kids and, if so, will the kids accept me? I know in the beginning it will be awkward but I hope as the days pass they warm up to me. With all that in mind I took a lot of time thinking of a great gift for the family.  So for my home stay gift I got knitted bracelets, pens, and a huge Philadelphia mug. I bought a reusable bag with flowers on it  to put everything in. I know Costa Rica is a very green place so I thought that would be a nice touch. Also the best part of the gift are the plain white t-shirts I bought so we can tie dye them! I love tie dying shirts so I thought that would be a great arts & crafts activity to do with my home stay family. Although I did not get a chance to make the scrap book, I plan to finish it in the future then mail it to them.

 I hope during my stay I create everlasting friendships with my family so we can continue communicating when I leave. I just want this to be a great and memorable experience.