Today is my fourth full day in Peru, and in the short period of time I have been here, I have been enthralled by the charm and vastness of this beautiful nation.

It took  me a lot to get here, including boarding for the same flight on three planes in Detroit due to mechanical problems. I was so happy when I finally arrived in Miami… tired and sleepy, but wholly prepared for this journey to begin!

Inca Kola Logo

Inca Kola Logo

Since my arrival here in Perù, I’ve wandered around the markets of Puno, seen gorgeous mountains below while flying to Juliaca, taken pictures in front of the Presidential Residence near La Plaza Mayor in Lima, and even eaten Domino’s Pizza, Perú style!

Trucha Peruviana

The food here is amazing, and la trucha (trout) I had yesterday on a mountainside among ancient Incan terraces on the island of Taquile had to be one of the best. Both Taquile and Uros, the islands we toured yesterday, were awe-inspiring and located in Lake Titicaca, the largest navigable lake in the World!

Today we’re set to leave for Cusco, and tomorrow, I meet my host family! So much anticipation is coursing through me right now and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Peru, hasta ahora… es estupendo!