Jonathan Moore

A week after arriving in Peru, I´m now a resident of the ancient Incan city of Ollantaytambo, and for the next two weeks I´ll be living with mi familia, los Rodrigos. It is absolutely amazing- the roosters waking me up in the morning, the family goat greeting me at the door (I call him Diablo… he´s pretty spooky), and the sun setting behind the mountains that surround the entire city of Ollanta.

I´ve been speaking to my family in Spanish, and although they speak Quechua and I speak English, we´ve been communicating pretty well. I would upload some photos of my journey, but it´ll have to wait until next time, since I have around 9 minutes left of time in this internet cafe I´m sitting at. In short: I am having a glorious time.

Two days ago we began work on a building for adults with special needs to use as a cafeteria and physical therapy/learning room instead of having to be outside when the weather gets bad.The bricks are heavy, but my arms seem to enjoy the pain. It´s very humbling to help the residents of Ollanta, and they have been beyond warm and welcoming to us!

The streets here are cobblestone and the walls date back thousands of years- a great place to write, by any means. I have been writing in a journal but my poetry is moving rather slow. I have a feeling, however, that in a city this quaint and charming, my writer´s block won´t last for long.

Until next time!

Xoxo Jonathan

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