Local Roots Fellow Isaak

Local Roots Fellow Isaak Todd arrived in Senegal a week ago with the Senegal Explorer program for Walking Tree travel. We got news from him in this excellent post where Isaak sums up perfectly what it means to be a Local Roots Fellow in Senegal: 

“Here in the remote village of Palmarin, Facebook, emails, and cell phones are practically non-existent. For five high schoolers miles from home, with these distractions gone, host families, students, and locals are drawn closer together. The lack of electronic communication has enriched the people-to-people communication.

Here, swaying palm trees, smiling faces, and the bustling streets of Dakar serve as our view, rather than flickering screens. Our group has bonded quickly and strongly, because here, people are truly here. A Senegalese expression perfectly embodies this feeling, a feeling of togetherness. ‘Noungui fii rekk: We are here, only.’ This certainly captures the bonding our group has done, and aptly describes the magic of Senegal.” Na nga def!

More about Isaak’s trip can be found here: http://www.walkingtree.org/2012-senegal-explorer-noungui-fii-rekk/