“Today was the best day yet. We had a half day of work in which we finished the final touches on the “playground,” put our hand-prints in the cement, spray painted the Walking Tree symbol on the side of the cement, and worst of all, said goodbye to Jose (our foreman). The kids ended their two-week-long break from school yesterday, so they were around to see us finish. I’m happy we were able to give them a play area.

After work everyone went home to spend their final day with their families. At 6:00PM all of us met at the gym for our last dinner together. After dinner we sang a song we had been rehearsing during lunch hours to thank the community. The rest of the night we danced with all of the homestay parents and kids. It’s going to be so hard to leave tomorrow because everyone became so close with not only their host family, but with the whole community.”

-Diannarose Fraum

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