Wandering Scholar Serina

“Today we are all going to take a hike to the waterfalls” says our leaders Paul and Sara.

Everyone asks “How long is the hike?” Our group leaders casually brush it off and tell us not to worry it’s not so bad. Let me be the first to say this hike was a monster!!! This hike was an uphill struggle literally. If anyone has been up a hill that seems to have no end in sight, imagine four of them one after the other.

The way to the waterfall was indeed a journey but it was beautiful. Costa Rica is filled with so much nature and beauty. It was a battle of will though because it was hard not to be that one person who complains the entire time about the all the negative such as this hike. This tough experience of hiking through the jungle to get to a beautiful waterfall was no exception we did have that complainer that has a complaint about everything.

This made the hike difficult in two aspects; walking up the gigantic hills and listening to the never ending complaints. By the time we got to the waterfall I was ready to jump from the top of it to my death, not from exhaustion but from annoyance from the endless complaints. This taught me something. It taught me that it’s the positivity that makes the tough stuff easier and the negativity that makes it harder. It also taught me that it’s not worth complaining when something is tough because no matter how long it may seem and how terrible it may be at the time, it has an end. Everything has an end. I learned this because of all the complaints that were said and all the complaints that were thought, when it was all over and I was relaxing in the Bungalows the difficulty of the hike seemed insignificant. It was the beauty of the waterfall and the cool temperature of the water that I remembered most, not the uphill mountains, not exhaustion but the experience.

It is really your accomplishments that mark the memories of your life. The perseverance through the tough stuff that makes you smile and the level of difficulty that makes you proud. It’s funny how a hike made me think about an idea in a new way. How a hike made me grasp a concept I was unable to before.

Now I appreciate not just the things that come easy to me but also the things that come hard. I completely understand the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff !” I understand now because I know that everything has an end- small, big, tough, sad, happy, etc. But that is what makes life great, the constant change. The fact that you can’t live in one situation forever.