The big day has finally come- I had packed my bags about seven times, waiting for this day to come. Before, I got out of school I knew I was ready for my first experience outside of the country- I could hardly wait. However, the more time went by and days going away, my nerves began to hit me like a hammer hitting a nail.

I had realized that I would be leaving my family behind and even my cute little kitten I got for my birthday- which I will be arriving two days before my big 1 7 birthday! At the same time I wish I could take my new kitten with me in my suitcase, but that would be too hard because he would need air to breathe. But, I know what I’ll bring with me is the necklace – the neclklace is an autumn leaf- kind of threaded inside. This necklace was passed on to me from my grandmother, I would be in tears if I had left it here back home because it means a lot to me.

Even with the tears I want to leave my fear at home and bring my caring and humor with me to Guatemala and share things about my family with my new family. Since I have lived in the U.S. all my life, the way I dress and others dress may seem a little, I would say “under dressed” in Guatemala, because when you look at the images of the women in Guatemala their clothing are hand-made, with their long dresses which covers down to their ankles. I am a little scared of what to wear down there, so I left the little butt-cut shorts home and the V- neck t-shirts.

With all the re-packing and making sure I have everything on the list checked off, I still feel like I am missing something and my mother even helped me figure out what I was missing. And it was a goodbye kiss on the cheek  and a big hug. Even though I’ll be leaving, I will never say good-bye because I’ll see my mom and the rest of my family  after two weeks. I know I am not a little girl anymore, I still love my kisses and hug bye before I leave. I am excited for what my experience will be like in Guatemala. I can’t wait, off I go to a new world!