Hi, my name is Gina Yoo. I live in a typical suburban town in the heart of Long Island, New York. Sheltered by the perfectly paved roads funded by tax dollars from upper middle class residents, I find it startlingly easy to become incognizant of the world that lies just beyond my little bubble. I realize that I am incredibly fortunate to reside in an area where it is possible to do, say, and be anything that I desire. Yet, it is easy to take this for granted, and especially am very guilty of forgetting the auspicious conditions under which I was raised. By traveling to Costa Rica in July, I hope to rid myself of this blinkered tendency. More importantly, however, I hope that this trip will be my first step in changing the world. I am not naive enough to believe that a ten day community service project will magically end world hunger or create peace among warring states, but I do believe that this trip can improve at least one life. And if I can touch just one life, I will have changed a tiny, yet tremendously significant, portion of the world.