It’s funny how I’ve spent since early February getting ready for this trip to Costa Rica, yet it still doesn’t seem real to me. I began this journey seeking the Wandering Scholar fellowship with determination, but fear as well. Never in my life had I wanted something so bad or had been so worried I wouldn’t get it. I’ve dreamed since I was little of being a global explorer. and the Wandering Scholar presented me with that very opportunity when I thought it would never be possible. My hard work has never paid off as much as it has now and it feels so rewarding!

Being a fellow has been stressful, but also incredibly beneficial because I am forced to look at a travel opportunity in a unique way. The Wandering Scholar has helped me to learn about where I am traveling, acknowledge how my perspective affects how I see things, and how to be more than just a tourist and see more than just the sites.

In my last 24 hours, I have done a lot! I am fully packed, have weighed my duffle multiple times, and gone through my packing list just as many. I went out to lunch with my best friend and had a great dinner with my dad. Currently, I am feeling nervous and I can feel the butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach. As I write, I am jittery and frantically going over all the things that still need to be done. I am terrified I will forget something essential. I am worried about how my expectations and reality will meet up.

But I am taking with me acceptance for what will happen and how I feel. I know what ever I experience will be amazing. I want to meet as many people as I can and learn as much about them as I can. And I can’t wait to start a lifetime of traveling and exploring the world!