What surprised me most about my trip to Costa Rica was how welcoming and friendly the people were. They were so willing to care for me and the rest of my group. In a country that is so different from what I am used to, this friendliness was much appreciated. I am so thankful that the people of San Gerardo made my first real international travel experience  such a good one. They definitely implanted the travel bug into me. I am already planning a trip to Greece and Italy with some of my friends for next summer. I learned that, in order to really understand a country’s culture and people, you must go beyond just the touristy things. Of course, staying at the beach and souvenir shopping the last couple days was fun, but I really learned about the culture and about myself when I was in the small village, fully immersed in the Costa Rican lifestyle.

Being that my final project is a documentary, I am having difficulty cutting and editing the clips. Transitioning from one topic to another smoothly is more difficult than I had initially imagined. There are many technical difficulties that I have come across. However, for the most part, the project is coming together nicely, and I am pleased with my footage. I do wish, however, that I had taken a video tour of my host family’s house. I only have a few pictures of the bedroom I stayed in. I think an entire video would better portray the lifestyle.

My project’s topic has changed drastically. In Costa Rica, I was inspired by my sister Rosibel’s story. I decided to focus my entire project around her instead of using the more broad and general theme that I planned to implement.