For my first trip abroad, I tried to go in with as little expectations as possible and I think it’s how I kept my sanity. I like things to go as planned and I tried to let go of that for this trip. I want to let go of that need in other parts of my life as well. I think my travels in Costa RIca were a great first step.

My original project involved and black and white photo of each person I met accompanied by a summary of an interview with said person. However, using my film camera turned out to be  much more difficult than using my digital. In addition, I only had time for one formal interview, which was saved to my phone, which is now broken. While I do believe I can recover the file, this is where having no expectations for the final result of my project will help.

I am disappointed that I can’t present the experiences I had on my trip the way I originally planed. However, I know that I have plenty of quality digital photos that will express the unique stories of the people of Costa Rica. I have faith that my blog posts will inspire others to take a leap into the unknown in order to learn about others and the world around them. I want to share the story of the garden keeper and the three-year-old boy and the passion the town had for soccer and so much more with everyone at home. I firmly believe I can do that.

Overall, my trip to Costa Rica has definitely made me want to travel more and more. I saw so many wonderful things that I just want to go anywhere and everywhere to experience more of them. I think this trip has started me on a really great path of self-awareness and personal growth, also. I know that I can push my limits and not only be okay, but a better person than when I started. I wish that every person could experience this and I am so grateful that I was able to.

(Sydney Kramer)