Is it too late to relearn subjunctive or conditional tense? There are so many tenses in my head: present. preterit, imperfect, conditional, and future. So many forms, commands, stem changers, and commands to know.  I have been enrolled in Spanish Classes since 6th grade and I take advanced Spanish classes at UW-Milwaukee (s/o to Profe. Allen). Despite the classes, it is solely up to the individual to practice what they learn. Therefore, I took it upon myself to practice my Spanish outside the classroom by watching “telenovelas” in my free time.

Telenovelas can be referred to as soap operas. I believe telenovelas are a great  way to practice your Spanish and review all of the tenses. I am currently on Episodio 39 of “Lo Que La Vida Me Robó” and my Spanish comprehension is becoming better. Lately I have been watching “Las noticias”  the news in Spanish in order to gain multiple perspective about global events.  All in all, I believe language shouldn’t be a barrier but a universal tool that unites people.

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