Packing for a trip is a series of events. Literally, it is a process that everyone must endure before going on a trip. I know that I am a last minute type of girl who tends to pack the morning before she leaves. In this case, however I started packing last Sunday. My mother wants me to take only a carry-on and a backpack to use on day trips and hikes. The whole process has helped me realize, that as a Wandering Scholar it is my responsibility to be strategic. Packing is a way to pre-analyze aspects of my life that I want to bring along with me and determine what I want to leave behind.

I will miss my family and friends. Going on a trip where I don’t know anybody is frightening. At the same time it is really thrilling. Going to Guatemala will be my opportunity to meet new people! I will be taking a photo album with me. The photo album will be wonderful opportunity to spark conversations with my host family. A picture can spark “buenos recuerdos”  or good memories. Which are always a great conversation starter.

Guatemalans tend to dress modestly, and I want to be respectful of their culture. As a result, I am leaving behind my tank tops (exposed arm) and I am bringing along shirts that  don’t expose a lot of skin. Ill also be leaving Netflix behind, which is kind of dreadful, but instead of watching movies, I will be streaming the view of beautiful Guatemala.

Until next time,