Hey, this is Alexis. Tonight is the night before I leave. I am like a child who is eager the night before Christmas, my anticipation is growing by the minute.  I have a multitude of butterflies in my stomach. The official countdown has begun. 12 hours from now a new destination awaits me. Right now my household is like the household who forgot to buy the presents. Good thing the Walmart by my house stays open until 12 AM.

I chatted with my travel mentor today. My friends who have traveled to Europe several times also gave me some pre-departure pointers. I am so nervious about flying. The airport seems so large and complex. As a very bright student I know that I should not worry, but I have to remember to pay attention, grab my bags, and be alert at all times. I also need to remember to grab my id’s and passport before I leave.

I  still have to pack a few last minute things and charge my portable charger, phone, and camera. Today I’ve been out celebrating my sweet 17 birthday with my friends and family. My official birthday however isn’t until tomorrow. Being a Wandering Scholar is the best gift. I am so fortunate for everyone who has helped prepare to leave the country. With last minute thoughts provoking my mind….I have to go.

Hasta luego,