Benvenidos happens to be my favorite word in Spanish. Benvenidos translates to welcome. The melancholy thing that follows a welcome is the goodbye that tags along with it.

As I say goodbye to Guatemala, I can only recall how welcoming the people have been. During my entire experience people greeted me with warm hearts, smiles, and friendship. It’s hard to leave Guatemala, the place where so many memories have been made. I have a abundance of gratitude for the compassion expressed by the host village. The people of San Juan de La Laguna opened their hearts and allowed me to be apart of their daily lives. It was a honor to be welcomed into such a close knit community.

As I slowly settle back into my normal life, I’ve begun noticing a change within myself, a new type of happiness. I’ve began to enjoy the simple beauties of life, like a smile. I started smiling at people. While people around me probably think I’m acting strange, it is my method of sharing the same happiness I’ve experienced from the people of San Juan de La Laguna.

Moreover, happiness isn’t the only thing radiating from my heart. I also hold the desire to travel all around the world. The wanderlust within me has officially  been released. But what can I say? I am a Wandering Scholar and and everyday a new journey awaits.

Hasta luego,