Its nearing a month since Ive come back from Costa Rica, but I don’t think there has been a day where I haven’t thought about the people of San Salvador or my group members; I miss everyone dearly. During my stay in the host village,I always admired the simplicity. The village was small for the most part and it was as if everyone was family. In the village there was only one small store where my group members and I would often hang out at after a long days of work, just talking and sipping on sodas. Ive come to find myself wishing I could experience it all again, at least for a day.

I miss the 15 minute walk to my friend Katie’s house that I made almost everyday. I miss laughing with her younger host sister, as I myself didn’t have any. I miss playing soccer with all the other kids and never failing to be impressed with their skills.I miss the early mornings and early nights (I didn’t quite mind being in bed at 8 almost everyday!). After being with the same people for three weeks you develop a routine and sense of familiarity and its odd to be thrown back into a seemingly different world. During my stay I gained a new family and 8 new best friends, and I can’t help but be sad at the fact that it will be a while before we reunite, if ever. But with the sadness, comes great happiness that it happened.

It feels nice to have an experience that Ill never forget and can always look back on with a smile. Whenever I hear the song Upgrade U or Rich Girl, I’ll remember the long car rides and even longer workdays spent with my group; and whenever I hear the song El taxi I’ll think back to all the kids in the village whom I adore. Although, there were a couple challenges I faced while there, the main one being the language barrier, it was all so minuscule in comparison to what I have gained.