Today was a VERY busy day. Most people who are departing from a trip that is almost two weeks would probably spend their time saying goodbye to close family BUT I went some last minute shopping today. I feel very accomplished and although I didn’t get to say goodbye to my nana, I am happy that my To Do list before I leave is completed.

With only a couple of hours until getting on my flight and departing for Costa Rica, I am excited, nervous, and anxious all at once. I super excited to meet everyone that I will be traveling with. I’m really nervous about the plane ride considering this is going to be my first time in a plane let alone an airport.

A lot is going through my head both good and bad. I definitely will miss my family because they are a big part of my life. I will also miss my bed, my mom’s food and oh… work! I know it may seem weird that I’m going to miss work but I love my job and the people that work there. I am really looking forward to starting my service project and learning new things! I think the topic I chose to do my documentation project on is very intriguing to me because I am a foodaholic. I also can’t wait to meet my host family…I hope they like my gift!

I am really proud that all my hardwork for becoming a Wandering Scholar is finally going to pay off while I am on this trip. All the research and blog post were worth completing. Now, my adventure can begin!