With just three days until my trip, I realized I have A LOT of uncompleted task on my to do list. I have everything that I need, I just need to start packing! I’ve been really paranoid about leaving stuff behind because once it’s left, I can’t travel 2386.2 miles to get it! The hardest thing to leave behind is my family. Considering that this is my first time taking a plane and traveling out of the country, I am VERY nervous. I always usually count on my family to be there for me whenever I’m worried or anything. My family means the world to me and I’m a little scared to travel so far away from home away for them. I wish I could pack them in my suitcase!

Along with the physical things to leave, I also want to leave some aspects of my personality. I want to leave my shy character behind. I know that I am flying over 2000 miles away from home with a group of people I never met in my life but I need to be open to learning about them and also listen to them. I am a very shy person but once one gets to know me, I am super talkative and hyper. I hope to take my outgoing personality. I know there will be new things to try and people to talk to and I want to be open to do and try new things.

So far as my sense of style, I looked up Costa Rican style, and I am pretty confident that I will fit in. Their Sense of style isn’t that distinct from the way Americans dress but every country even towns have their own style. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing a Red Sox tee shirt in Costa Rica only because I feel like that would definitely make me stand out as a foreigner. I have one special bracelet that was given to me by my grandmother and I hope to share the history of the bracelet with my host family. It is a very special bracelet and has a very passionate story behind how I got it as a gift.