A note from TWS: It is important that our Wandering Scholars prepare for their journeys by researching their host country before they leave home. The below post is the product of an assignment in which we ask our Scholars to read and share something interesting they’ve learned about Costa Rica’s history, culture, or politics.

The alluring and prideful country of Costa Rica is an amazing place by the looks of their food, people and rich culture. I can’t wait to have the honor of discovering their environment, energy, animals and the beautiful souls of their peoples. Costa Ricans have a lot of pride for their flag. To the white and blue stripes stand for peace,wisdom and happiness. To the vermilion red color that stands for the blood in defending their country as well as the warmth and generosity of the people.

On July 13 I will be traveling to Costa Rica and seeing this beautiful place instead of just reading about this amazing place. I read a  wonderful story about volunteering: Katie, a University of Iowa had a amazing time helping the child in Costa Rica. She said on her blog, “50 little toddlers greet you everyday with endless smiles and adorable voices she will neve forget.” I can’t wait to have an unforgettable experience myself and see the world in a different perspective.

Also, on twitter I learned that Costa Rica is now running completely on renewable energy. Costa Rica is running without having to burn a single fossil fuel, and it’s been doing so for 75 straight days. Thanks to the rainfalls this year, Costa Rica hydropower plants are generating nearly enough electricity to power the entire country. In Costa Rica, a drought would disrupt the country’s ability to generate electricity with water. That’s why the government approved a $958 million geothermal project, which is being paid for with the help of Japanese and Europeans investments.