A note from TWS: It is important that our Wandering Scholars prepare for their journeys by researching their host country before they leave home. The below post is the product of an assignment in which we ask our Scholars to read and share something interesting they’ve learned about Costa Rica’s history, culture, or politics. 

Since 2014, the control over the Mexico and US border has become extremely strict. one way is by forcing Central Americans to find new routes to safety. This resulted in a surge of refugees fleeing violence and political instability, to find new homes elsewhere. Because of this, Costa Rica has attracted fleeing refugees, since it is the most stable country in the region. Currently, the Asylum claims are set to quadruple.

“Now, the country is offer temporary protection to refugees.Under the new protection transfer agreement (PTA), Costa Rica will accept up to 200 prescreened refugees for periods of up to six months, while their US asylum applications are processed. Migrants who arrive in Costa Rica before applying will not be considered for US asylum.” ()

This event is similar to many of the other migrant crisis all around the world, and has been going on for a long time. Europe has only just woken up to this issue, in 2015. Thus creating the name “European refugee crisis”. One of the reason, for the spike of asylum seekers is the Syrian civil war. Secondly, it’s impossible to gain legal entry into Middle Eastern countries.

The US response was to accept “at least 10,000 Syrian refugees” in 2015 (KRISHNADEV CALAMUR).

Because of the opportunities Costa Rica offers like many of the European countries.and the US it is not alone in its shelter  for refugees seeking homes.