As the date for the trip to Costa Rica quickly approaches I find myself in a bind to have all I need packed. Originally, I had thought I would be taking with me some dressy outfits, such as, jeans, shorts, swimsuits, and dresses. But then I realized I won’t be exactly in the city areas more like the tropical rain forest since Playa Tortuga Research is located there and that’s where I will be for most of my stay. What I had planned originally to pack is not quite ideal for that weather or environment. Instead, I will be looking at Costa Rica’s natural beauty up close.

With this in mind, I plan to take more sporty/outdoor clothes that are ideal for hiking and outdoor activity. Breathable and quick dry clothes. For toiletries, I will be bringing sunscreen (highly advised), mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer, band aids, Neosporin, and makeup. Since the weather is quite hot and I will be doing mostly outdoor activities. If you are like me and can’t live without makeup (joking) I recommend bringing very light, not full coverage makeup. That has SPF and a few products. I would love to take my laptop but I think it’s for the best to disconnect from the internet and take in a natural beauty that I will be surrounding myself in. I would like to take my mom with me in my suitcase so she doesn’t worry herself.

Aspects of my personality that I want to bring or leave behind, for example, is my open mind and willingness to try new things and leaving my nerves about meeting new people. When I was searching ‘how do people in Costa Rica dress’. In the city, most people dress as they do in any other large city in the world. You can stand out if you make it very obvious that you’re a tourist. One user (ROADADVISOR) said, “Just be you…and be happy…we love happy people…if khaki shorts and cotton blouses make you happy …go for it!”(TripAdvisor)