This past week my mom has been accompanying me on several trips to our favorite stores making sure I have all the necessities I need for this trip. There were many things I already had, like comfortable shirts/shorts, sandals, the usual. Still, I barely had any space to move around in my room when we were done; the haul was real. Pairs on top of pairs of sleepwear, hiking shorts and pants, sun hats, sneakers, etc etc etc. It took time to sort through what we didn’t need and could return than it did to do the actual shopping itself! Nonetheless, it’s all apart of the process and although it’s been somewhat stressful at times it’s still a lot of fun.

I’m learning a lot of helpful skills to retain when it comes to travelling that I will hopefully apply several times throughout my lifetime. There aren’t many things I’ll be leaving behind because I absolutely refused to leave my hair care and skincare necessities at home: face astringent, Neutrogena acne treatment, Shea butter and everything else you could think of is coming with me :). My mentor, Leslie, recommended that I definitely take some loose but long pants because of the modest dress culture in Costa Rica. Fortunately two of my favorite pairs of pants fall under this category, so that was a win-win.

I’ll be dedicating the entire day before my flight to going down the checklist I’ve created and physically packing my bags for my trip. I’ll most likely be vlogging the process so I can include on my personal blog/digital brochure. This flight will only be my second throughout my life, and the thing I’m most anxious about is losing luggage T_T. I am looking forward to figuring out how to somewhat navigate an airport on my own, though!