19 Jul 2017
July 19, 2017

Woah [Jabari]

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So approximately 28 hours before take off and I am hiding behind the stress of the semi overbearing blog and twitter responsibilities to escape from the true over excitement of the realities that I am about to embark on an amazing journey never even seemingly possible prior to my acceptance. I am so ready yet also terrified. In my community, it seems to be a habit to simply give up or not try to be great when things get tough. And tough things are a constant. I have pushed for many years running from that stigma of self degradation. Yet I find myself before Senior year afraid of becoming more than is expected, going on a trip many have only dreamed of and I am procrasinating on packing. This truly will help me out of the web fear holding down many individuals in my community and life, while directly showing the possibilites of what can come from pushing through the fear. I am nervous to take this step but….I truly am ready!! Thank you Wandering Scholar for alloting me my first step to greatness.