As of 2017, same sex marriage is not recognized under Costa Rica law. Over dozens of countries recognize this unity so the question is when will Costa Rica? There are many opinions on this issue, with mostly those in favor of a bill passing to legalize gay marriage. Back in 2013 a piece of legislation was passed to give benefits to couples of the same sex. This is a step in the right direction but there are still many outcries in the media for change.

I found an article titled “This same-sex couple in Costa Rica were able to marry thanks to a clerical error” that caught my attention. According to the article, two women were able to wed due to the fact that one of the woman is noted as a male on her birth certificate. This article was written in support of the union of the couple most likely due to the fact the author was from Madrid and same sex marriage is legal in Spain. If the article had been written within a nation where same sex marriage is frowned upon the article might have looked differently.

Another article on the same issue is called “Costa Rica Accidentally Approves Same Sex Unions.” The article quotes directly from Costa Rican lawmakers commenting on the event where legislation “accidentally” passed a bill recognizing same sex unions. The words the the lawmakers had to say on the event were all negative. The article was written to criticize the union of two people of the same gender.

These two articles are proof of the wide opinions presented in media and the titles are what catches the attention of the reader to immediately interpret what the article will entail. Personally I feel that same sex marriage will one day be legal everywhere once the world can realize that all deserve the same rights. Costa Rica seems to be getting closer to that ideal but just needs to hop on the bandwagon already.

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