I am probably the worst packer on the planet. I wait until last minute and always overpack or under pack. This time with this trip I am hoping that I can bring everything I need and not over do it. So far this is what my suitcase consists of:



-work gloves

-sunscreen and hand sanitizer


-tennis shoes


-swim suits


-comfortable tops

-one dress

-wind breaker





-a book


This is what I have so far but I am not quite finished. I need to still add some items and double check I have everything. I am scared to leave the rest of my house and life behind but I know it will all be worth the adventure. I cannot wait to be in Costa Rica although I wish I could bring my mom with me.

While in this new setting I will be myself completely when meeting new people and just act as I do in every new setting. I will dress a little more casual than I typically would and keep it simple. My style is usually more flashy and I love to dress up but for this trip I will show more of a laid-back and sporty side of myself. Although I won’t be dressing as I typically would I feel that my personality will show others who I am.