It has been a little over a month upon returning from Costa Rica and I still think about my trip every day. I didn’t expect to get so close to the people I travelled with and attached to the country itself. It was my first time going abroad and I wasn’t with anyone familiar, so I thought I would end up isolating myself and going into my comfort zone. However, I surprised myself many times- from little things such as actually trying new foods (I’m an extremely picky eater), to voluntarily embarking on lengthy nature walks. I feel the biggest lesson I took away from this trip was learning how to take chances because more times than not they can benefit you. In regards to Building Bridges, Not Walls I completely agree with the central theme of the article. I think over the last few years it has become less important to actually immerse yourself into something that interests you. If you give it a few moments of fleeting attention and maybe a retweet, that’s good enough. With the direction our society is going in this is not going to cut it anymore. In my everyday life, I feel that I am more willing to take risks and be more expressive about my passions due to being inspired on my trip. I would love nothing more than to have the chance to return to Costa Rica someday.