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Cacio e pepe. Image credit: Food and Wine

The Eternal City is full of delicious and enticing food that really expresses the beauty of Italian culture.

Roman food is rich in flavor and history. There are many family-owned trattorias (small and casual restaurant) and pizzerias. The food is based on vegetables and of course, pasta. Pasta reigns in every part of Italy and in Rome there is the pasta cacio e pepe, pasta all’arrabbiata, pasta e ceci, and more. I am very excited to try the pasta and especially the pasta cacio e pasta (pasta in a creamy olive oil, pecorino cheese, and black pepper sauce).

Produce is also very important in the making of Roman food, and artichoke is the king of the group.  It is prepared in two ways alla romana (Roman-style) or alla giudea (Jewish-style). Carciofi (roman for artichoke) is stuffed with bread crumbs, garlic, mint, and parsley and then braised in a bath of olive oil and water. Abbacchio alla scottadito (“lamb finger-burning style”)  is lamb chops seasoned with salt, pepper, and herbs like thyme, tarragon, and rosemary and it is traditionally eaten with hands.

Roman street food is amazing. Pizza is popular and customers can buy a rectangular slice and have it doubled over to eat while walking. There is also the trapizzino (cousin of the pizza) and warm, freshly baked baguettes to fill up with. A visit would not be complete without trying some delightful gelato. It would be very hard not to find a savory and tasty dish while walking around the gorgeous city.

Meal times are bit different in Rome than it is in the United States. Romans eat lunch at 1:00 and dinner after 8:00. The meal times may surprise many people because of how much later it is in the day. Another surprise may be the portion sizes. The meat portion is smaller than in the US but it is made up by a large amount of pasta that is served with it.

The food alone is a reason why many people head to Rome. The food is amazing just like the art and architecture. The inviting and delectable dishes shows the rich culture and past of the great city. I look forward to taking a flavorful bite out of history.