Breathe in…. Breathe out

The trip was almost 20 days ago and to my surprise, the thoughts have been constant. They stay with me as I think about my past, my present, and my  future. The trip has contributed to a whole new outlook on my day to day life; the beauty in my own city surprises me. I see the city in a brighter color, and although, the skies aren’t as “lit up” in Shafter as they are in Italy, I do linger when I take my afternoon walks.This trip has changed little aspects about my life, but as we all know, the little things count the most (*wink).

It seems, that I’m more grateful for the present. I used to feel troubled when thinking about the future, but with this trip, surprises were on every corner(and I liked it). Literally, one of our tour guides almost sent us down the wrong path and into one of the canals. We were all kids, searching for more, whether it was freedom or souvenirs. The Walking Tree gave us time to explore ourselves while on the trip, and that time was the most beautiful for me. I got to interview people during that time, write my activities down/how I felt about them, and explore with my fellow wanders.

Picture this: kids, running around in a different country, hoping experiences turn into memories that last a lifetime, thats what we were. We all knew this trip would change us, but we didn’t know how close we would get to one another. The experiences were richer than chocolate, and that sentiment for exploring with someone else will never change for me.

Today, I decided to look through all my content of photos and videos. Like I expressed in my instagram post, the moments that I experienced in Italy were going to be a once in a lifetime experience, so my phone was always read for a photo/video depending on the occasion. I do believe in being present and experiencing the moment for what it is, but in those moments, everything was breathtaking and I couldn’t let that go to “waste”. I also had a lot photos of video chats with my family; I can’t express the love I have for all of them, and the admiration I feel towards each and everyone of them. They are the entire reason I have succeed in “life”- the little time I have lived. Through everything, they have been there for me; with the documentation, they have helped me come into contact with the people I need to converse with. I sincerely appreciate/am grateful for everything that has come into my life, and out off this experience.

Thank to everyone, and I can’t wait to have another experience like this one, that will help me better myself, my community and our world. Let’s all start this adventure.