Going to Peru, I was going mainly as a tourist, but the more time that I spent in Peru, talking with locals I was all it had to offer. Every place has its stories, food, traditions, and I was able to experience all of that. Fast forward to now, I felt connected with Peru, welcomed. I caught myself taking pictures, not for Instagram, but memories.

While we were staying in our homestay, it was a very different experience. The showers were very cold, my 7 year old host sister went to herd sheep and get hay for the cuy (guinea pig), my entire host family shared a room. This was very new to, my 7 year old brother is at home either watching TV or playing video games. But this just showed how different people live their life and it’s okay because each individual has their own lifestyle.

Growing up I never really traveled, only around California and Mexico (family lives there). But going to Peru, I was able to experience a “new world” with different foods, clothing, and culture. I loved every minute of it. One of my instructors, Colleen, talked about the different places she had traveled and it reassured made me about traveling when I am older. In a blog post, “I saw over and over again that individuals who invested time and energy in building human connection — having patient, empathetic conversations with their clients, constituents, and community members — were the most successful in their endeavors, and saw through the most meaningful changes.” I agree 100% with this because if you want to make a change you first have to live and experience it, to gain first hand experience. Then create the most ethical solution.