With only a couple of hours away, I just finished packing. I can tell you it was hard trying to pack for a month will little things to bring on the trip, but somehow I manage to work with everything! As it gets closer I am getting really excited because there will be so much to see and do. I was so glad to have some close people come and say goodbye. My best friend, Lili came and gave me a goodbye necklaces, my brother Alvin came to get last minute things, my mom and I got our eyebrows done, and my cousin Emi and Amara came to help me pack! To be honest, up until this point I was whatever, like I just could believe it. But as it gets closer, it’s starting to hit me. I honestly can’t wait to explore all of Peru! read more →

The food in Peru is a mixture of different cultures for an example Osso Buco Stew (Italian influence), Tallarines Verdes (Italian influence), Arroz Chaufa (Chinese influence), Lomo Saltado (created by Chinese people in Peru), Olluquito (Andean tuber, indigenous), Tiradito de Pescado (some say the dish’s origin was created by the Japanese in Peru). It is said the ceviche is the national dish of Peru and it is made for special occasions. It depends on what you make, for example, with ceviche it might take a little longer if you put certain spices, vegetables. Breakfast  is normally eaten between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, lunch between 12pm and 3pm, and dinner 8pm or later. I am really excited to try the ceviche over there because my family sometimes make is for parties. So I am thus wondering how different it tastes from the one my family make to the way Peruvian make it. read more →

White cacao beans are very important because its very rare and they are 100% and give food different flavor profiles, and they grow in the mountains. Javier Wong know for ceviche and his guac, a national dish in Peru. In order to make ceviche it is important to have the best quality and the freshest fish and ingredients. Shaman’s are one of the only people who perform Spiritual baths to keep away negative vibrations and spirits. It’s important to rub water and rose on your neck and back. This consists of getting sprayed, rocks rubbed on your face and other important steps.

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