DSCF0077The white sand, clear blue waters, and seventy-degree temperatures were a welcomed change from cold and snowy Boston. I decided to let luck decide my destination and the dart landed on Bermuda. I did some cursory research, threw some clothes in a backpack, and let fate guide me. I quickly learned Bermuda was the perfect place for my wandering nature.
I had two goals for this trip: spend my days free of technology and reconnect with nature. Taking a break from technology allowed me to enjoy my time in Bermuda without the ever present distraction of my buzzing cell phone. As for reconnecting with nature, I went snorkeling and attempted cave swimming. I left behind my map and strolled about the town of St. George’s, following the twists and turns of the streets.
The bus system was incredibly easy to navigate and English is widely spoken in Bermuda. I hopped from location to location, indulging my inner history geek by visiting old forts, monuments, and a dockyard. Bermuda offers a variety of attractions with resplendent beaches, historical museums, and beautiful views. I was especially attracted by the promise of water sports such as paddleboarding, water skiing, and kayaking. February falls at the end of Bermuda’s winter, but the summer season offers warmer temperatures to enjoy the water. For those less excited by water sports, Bermuda’s beaches offer the perfect opportunity to lounge about and relax.



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