As of 2017, same sex marriage is not recognized under Costa Rica law. Over dozens of countries recognize this unity so the question is when will Costa Rica? There are many opinions on this issue, with mostly those in favor of a bill passing to legalize gay marriage. Back in 2013 a piece of legislation was passed to give benefits to couples of the same sex. This is a step in the right direction but there are still many outcries in the media for change.

I found an article titled “This same-sex couple in Costa Rica were able to marry thanks to a clerical error” that caught my attention. According to the article, two women were able to wed due to the fact that one of the woman is noted as a male on her birth certificate. This article was written in support of the union of the couple most likely due to the fact the author was from Madrid and same sex marriage is legal in Spain. If the article had been written within a nation where same sex marriage is frowned upon the article might have looked differently.

Another article on the same issue is called “Costa Rica Accidentally Approves Same Sex Unions.” The article quotes directly from Costa Rican lawmakers commenting on the event where legislation “accidentally” passed a bill recognizing same sex unions. The words the the lawmakers had to say on the event were all negative. The article was written to criticize the union of two people of the same gender.

These two articles are proof of the wide opinions presented in media and the titles are what catches the attention of the reader to immediately interpret what the article will entail. Personally I feel that same sex marriage will one day be legal everywhere once the world can realize that all deserve the same rights. Costa Rica seems to be getting closer to that ideal but just needs to hop on the bandwagon already.

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“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” ― Anita Desai

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ― Gustave Flaubert

Only about 12 hours until my flight at 5 am…! It’s been a crazy journey already. The pre-departure work has been more challenging than I expected when I walked into this, but I’ve also learned more than I thought I would. These past couple of weeks have been some of the busiest of this year for me, and not just because of this trip. Between a move, a Girls State conference, summer homework, and my awaiting college apps, I so want to relax.

But something I need to keep in mind as I prepare myself now is that this trip is not just a vacation. Sure, I will be tasting new food, making friends, learning how to surf, and exploring the idyllic beaches and forests of beautiful Costa Rica…but I will also be challenged physically and mentally as I work through my documentation project and adjust to a new place. I am expectant, worried, alert, exhilarated…a true mezcla de emociones.

Thus far, my day has been fairly normal, which is just fine with me. Did some work on the house, ate some homemade Korean food with my family, packed, volunteered at the local food pantry. As I enter a new and unfamiliar country, I will be taking with me my pocket of this world and the beauty of my home, in hopes that when I return, my concept of home will again be stretched. Hasta la vista, Connecticut.


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19 Jul 2017
July 19, 2017

Woah [Jabari]

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So approximately 28 hours before take off and I am hiding behind the stress of the semi overbearing blog and twitter responsibilities to escape from the true over excitement of the realities that I am about to embark on an amazing journey never even seemingly possible prior to my acceptance. I am so ready yet also terrified. In my community, it seems to be a habit to simply give up or not try to be great when things get tough. And tough things are a constant. I have pushed for many years running from that stigma of self degradation. Yet I find myself before Senior year afraid of becoming more than is expected, going on a trip many have only dreamed of and I am procrasinating on packing. This truly will help me out of the web fear holding down many individuals in my community and life, while directly showing the possibilites of what can come from pushing through the fear. I am nervous to take this step but….I truly am ready!! Thank you Wandering Scholar for alloting me my first step to greatness.


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Now that I am packed, all I have to do now is play the ‘Waiting Game’. I can’t wait to step on that plane headed for Costa Rica, and see and feel, what Costa Rica can offer to me. This is my first trip that I am going on by myself without my parents…am I scared…..NOOO! More like excited, thrilled. I feel like this trip is just the beginning to many new adventures, I will take in the future. Most kids dream of traveling/studying abroad in college or later in life, but why wait? I am worried about my Spanish since it’s not exactly the best…more like helpless, that two years of Spanish class did nothing to prove! But, I am hopeful that I can learn (some) through experience rather than being in a classroom setting. Before I leave, I plan to meet up with some of my friends to go out and eat and spend some time with my parents to convince them not to worry. I still can’t believe I’m getting the honor to going to Costa Rica through Wandering Scholar, it’s like a dream that I don’t want wake up from. The best part is I don’t have to worry about waking up since it’s very real! Well, I do need to worry about waking up since I need to ….catch the plane!!!

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If you’re like most people you are probably very worried about what is essential for your baggage!! But wait no more as I will give you a brief overview of what is bare minimum on your trip to any Coastal Equator like place! First things first organize 10 pair of socks! Get a pair of sandals as well, however just in case bring socks for comfort and warmth! Also bring 4-5 shirts, 1 of which is kind of fancy as you may want to look nice for a day or two. Also bring 2 to 3 pairs of shorts for comfort in warm humid weather! Some everyday working pants ×2 for all occasions (not just jeans). Don’t forget hygenic materials as well!! Such as toiletries, lotions, toothbrushes (or bristles), etc. Hopefully it’s self explanatory. Don’t forget a rain jacket and about two long sleeves as well. It would also help to bring along Mosquito repellent and sunscreen as sun burns and mosquito bites are very plausible! As well as other more dangerous possibilites so be safe a bring what you need! Then of course athletic shoes, and hiking shoes accompanied by sandals. A sun hat! And Gloves for service projects. Finally last but certainly not least of the absolute basic minimum of things to bring….A water bottle!! Dehydration is a true ordeal and the best way to prevent bodily collapse is to in fact stay hydrated! In humid places of unknown feeling to your body acclimation takes time and hydration helps your body get on its general flow. read more →