• The Wandering Scholar makes international travel and learning opportunities accessible to low-income high school students.

Our program is holistic in its approach, we recognize the multiple factors that impede participation in travel programs and specifically target each one. Beyond fully funding international trips with student travel organizations, we:

  • Match Wandering Scholars with appropriate international education programs
  • Provide pre-departure programming for students and their families
  • Pair students with experienced travel mentors whose lives and careers will inspire Wandering Scholars to be global citizens
  • Encourage students to become experts on their host country by completing documentation projects while abroad
  • Use social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and our own Wandering Scholar blog) to help Scholars share their experiences
  • Assist Wandering Scholars in developing post-program plans to remain active global citizens, through Gap Year programs, college Study Abroad, and international careers.