Our flagship program serves students around the country and runs for 8-10 weeks from June to August. Beyond a full scholarship towards global travel, the program offers students an innovative pre-departure and re-entry curriculum that employs open-source educational technology and communication tools. The goal of the program is to help Wandering Scholars develop intercultural-communication skills, leverage social media for global exposure, and produce digital documentation projects to share with their home and virtual communities. It features the following elements:


Travel Mentoring

Upon acceptance into the program, each Wandering Scholar is matched with a travel mentor. First and foremost, our mentors are models of global citizenship. They have careers in international fields, have traveled extensively, and are fluent in at least one foreign language. In addition to having inspiring backgrounds, mentors assist Wandering Scholars and their families through the process of preparing and planning for their trips. They participate in the pre-departure and re-entry workshops, and help Scholars create a strategy for recording their journeys, sharing their stories, and building on their experiences.

Pre-departure Planning

In preparation for each trip, Scholars and their mentors attend an online informational meeting (conducted as a webinar) with their families, complete a country profile on their destination and take part in a pre-departure workshop with fellow scholars.


Beyond full participation in the activities organized by the assigned travel program, which vary from trip to trip, Wandering Scholars also take time out of each day to reflect on their experience and record their thoughts. Each participant does this in a different way. With the guidance of their mentor they choose a method before leaving for the trip. Methods vary as greatly as the interests and imaginations of the participants but could include: photography, videography, short stories, drawings or sketches, interviews with local youth or activists, or a combination thereof.

Trip Log and Blogging

In addition to individual projects, Scholars are expected to keep a written log of their trips. When possible, Scholars post portions of the written log onto a blog set up by The Wandering Scholar before the trip. This way, parents, donors, teachers and peers from home can receive real-time updates and post comments as well as words of encouragement and advice.


Re-entry Orientation

Upon returning home from their trips, Scholars meet once again for another webinar in order to share their experiences with their mentors and fellow Scholars. The webinar will help Scholars devise strategies for completing their documentation projects.

Peer to Peer Recruitment

As a final program requirement, Scholars will present their summer experience to their school community, guaranteeing that on at least one level the experience will extend beyond one person’s summer into their school community. The peer to peer recruitment component serves two functions. First, recruiting future participants from the same community creates a critical mass of students in a community who have shared similar life-changing opportunities and can therefore mutually support and build off of one another’s experiences. Secondly, by acting as ambassadors for The Wandering Scholar program and of the country they visited, Scholars have a vested interest in recruiting high quality applicants and ensuring that the future of The Wandering Scholar remains as vibrant as its present.

If you are interested in this program and would like to know whether you qualify to apply, please click here.