The Wandering Scholar has pledged to join the Institute of International Education (IIE)’s Generation Study Abroad initiative to double the number of American students who study abroad by the end of the decade. The initiative is also focusing on increasing the diversity of the students who study abroad, ensuring quality, and removing barriers to participation.


Everyday Ambassador is a best-practice network of global citizens and organizations that believe that human connection, even in an increasingly digital world, is the key to lasting, positive social change. At the core of this best-practice network is the belief that Millennials, more than ever, have the means to impact their own local communities and those abroad in a digitally connected world.

As an Experiential Partner, The Wandering Scholar is committed to helping EA readers get meaningfully engaged with the world. To that end, we will contribute one blog post a month for the EA website that highlights our program and activities. Be sure to follow their Wednesday Wisdom series for our posts!