Why We Wander

EP 1-2Welcome to Why We Wander, a podcast from The Wandering Scholar. We talk about why and how people travel, the experiences that have transformed their lives, and how the travel landscape is evolving to meet the demands of a changing world.

We started this podcast because, as we approach the ten year anniversary of founding The Wandering Scholar, we’ve begun reflecting on where we have been as an organization and where we would like to go. One of the things we have been grateful for is a community of supporters who really connect to our mission. That’s because so many of them remember just how transformative their own first trips abroad were, and have madel travel central to their lives in the years since.

So even though we work with and share the stories of high-school students, there are so many other peoples’ stories we want to tell. Stories that will inspire our young scholars, our supporters, and perhaps even you. And that is what we will do here at Why We Wander, interviewing founders, documentarians, boundary pushers and advocates. People who are transforming the how, who and why of travel.

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Episode 1: Overtourism and Voluntourism with Gabriel Duncan

elizeu-dias-768964-unsplashIn our first-ever episode of Why We Wander, we bring you a discussion of overtourism and voluntourism in a segment called What We’re Thinking About. And we follow that up with an interview with Gabriel Duncan from Walking Tree Travel.

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Episode 2: Study Abroad with Natalie Jesionka

henry-gillis-422979-unsplashThis episode, we bring you a discussion of the risks and rewards of studying – or not studying – abroad in our What We’re Thinking About segment. Then we interview Natalie Jesionka about Global Elective, her initiative to encourage ethical travelers of all ages and incomes to go out into the world.

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Episode 3 (Postcard): Gender, Age and Travel

From time to time we will bring you shorter, “postcard” episodes of the podcast. For this one, we talk about how gender and age shape our travel experiences, and answer a listener question about encountering sexism while traveling.

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Episode 4: Controversial Travel with Trevor Wallace

Trevor Wallace Interview
In this episode, we talk about travel to those places we are discouraged – or even forbidden – from visiting, what makes people go there anyway, and what happens when they arrive. We also talk with filmmaker and Explorers’ Club member Trevor Wallace, about his experiences in the arctic and beyond.

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